Honeybee Hive dedicated to fallen deputy in honor of his contribution to its creation


ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Fallen Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Kurt Wyman's public service knows no boundaries, and there was no greater example of that than on Tuesday, when he was honored for bringing a queen bee to her drones a year before he was killed.

Cornell Cooperative Extension's indoor honeybee hive was dedicated Tuesday to Wyman by 60 Kernan Elementary students, the Oneida County Executive, the Central New York Beekeepers and the Oneida County Sheriff's Department at a ceremony at the Sheriff's Department.

The queen bee and her swarm of roughly 15,000 worker and drone honeybees make the indoor honeybee hive a working colony that is capable of producing 70 to 80 pounds of honey annually, while also contributing to the agricultural success of the community. The glass-encased hive provides students and the public a rare opportunity to observe honeybees at work.

Wyman's widow and children were onhand for the ceremony, as the students recalled the highly anticipated arrival of Deputy Wyman and the Queen Bee two years ago, a moment they say they will never forget.

"He drove in with a police escort, with the lights blaring and he stepped out of the car with the queen on lace pillow and a glass globe and he started to walk up and introduce the queen to the drones as well as the elementary students and I just remember a huge smile coming across his face," said Ron Bunce, Executive Director at Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Thousands of kids come to Cornell Cooperative Extension each year for educational program like this one on honey bees.

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