Hostess fans react to news that the company is closing


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Donuts, Mini Muffins, Fruit Pies and of course Twinkies- all staple Hostess Cake products. Hostess fans here in the Mohawk Valley are sad to learn the news that the company that's been around since 1930 is going out of business.

The company says it will continue to stock the shelves until it's inventory runs out.

"I'm gonna suffer," says Carmen Russo. "What's the other one? HoHo's, Wonder Bread. They're all going out. What's going on in this country?"

"It's disappointing," said David Fitzgerald. "We're from Vermont and we've had it ever since I can remember."

"My son was raised on Hostess with Twinkies and the fruit pies and the HoHo's," said Linda Flihan. "It was a very important thing that had to be in his lunch box. When he opened the box and if it was not there he was a very unhappy person."

Others are upset about the news but are making plans for life without the pantry must-haves. "I'll make my own," said Bertie Schrader. :There's cookbooks that you can make them just like Hostess. There's some sort of recipes out there. But- you know what? They don't taste as good as they did when I was a kid."

Looking at the products on the shelf brought back a lot of memories for some of the customers. "You see this it's 1.50. It was 10 cents when I was a kid," said Bertie Schrader. It makes me realize how old I am!"

"I can remember, I was on a budget and it was one of those things that you had to have," said Flihan.

It was announced last month that both the distribution center in Marcy and Whitesboro would be closing, putting a total of 13 people in our area out of a job.

This doesn't mean customers will have to say goodbye to their favorite products forever- the company's assets will be sold and another company could be producing the same products in the future.

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