Hotels are booked up for Boilermaker Weekend


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's not just Uticans here for the 2010 Boilermaker, it's people from all over the state, the country and even the world. That means there are a lot of people in town at hotels.

This is a great weekend for all of the area's hotels and restaurants. A record number of runners have signed up for this year's race. Each of those 13,000+ runners will bring between three and five people to town with them. That's about 40,000 people!

So if you haven't made a hotel reservation yet, good luck.

NEWSChannel 2 spoke with several local hotels Friday morning. They say they are completely booked up and have been for quite a while. The Radisson in Utica says all 162 of their rooms are full on Saturday night. They have a few rooms still available for Friday night but expect those to fill up pretty quickly. The same goes for the Hotel Utica. People are traveling from all over to stay in Utica this weekend. Mark Cherry, the Manager of the Radisson, says this year's Boilermaker Weekend business is on-par with last year, "when you're full, you're full. We often joke about pitching some tents on the roof, you couldn't get away with it but we would certainly sell them if we could."

"We did a survey of hotel properties for last minute people trying to find a room and all of the largest properties are booked," said Oneida County Tourism President Kelly Blazosky.

Now, if you're still looking for some last minute hotel reservations, Oneida County Tourism says your best bet is to probably check out some hotels in the neighboring counties. A few places may still have rooms available.

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