How safe is your wireless internet connection?


(WKTV) - A Buffalo man was recently falsely arrested after his neighbor used his wireless connection to download and transfer child pornography images. Local experts say this could happen to anyone, and that is why it is important to secure your home wireless network.

Wi-Fi is common terminology these days. If you have a wireless router in your home, so more than one person can use the internet, that is a wireless network. WiFi means you can hook up to the internet without wires. Most people use a wireless router in their home in order to do this.

If that router doesn't have a password, anyone within a short distance can use your internet, said Hank Brightman, Associate Research Professor of the United States Naval War College.

Brightman always suggests protecting your self with a password.

"The problem is when you leave your network wide open," Brightman said. "Someone who lives in close proximity to your home can actually be using your network. If you live in a very commercial area or a heavily residential area, someone can actually sit outside your house in a van or vehicle and use your network."

Is your wireless network protected? Do you even know? If not, do you know how to change it?

NEWSChannel 2 found some pretty good websites that can help.

Linksys is a common router used in homes. This website will walk you through the steps needed to protect your wireless connection.

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