Huge crowds all weekend at the Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts


REMSEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Both Saturday and Sunday this weekend were picture perfect weatherwise, and that was great news for the vendors that lined both sides of Main St. in remsen for this year's Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts.

Bethany Flagg of Remsen has set up a booth for the past seven years and says sshe can't remember better foot traffic than this weekend.

She says her business called Bejeweled has expanded since last year and this festival is a perfect way to get her new products out to potential customers, "Mostly I sell my real sterling jewelry, but I just recently added an all natural line of lotions and body sprays.  I make them myself."

All along Main St., you can go from crab cakes to cheesecake on a stick, yes cheesecake on a stick.

Kim Sherman, of Clayton, NY owns the company called Cheesecake On a Stick, "It's plain cheesecake but then we dip them in different toppings, we have chocolate, we have cherry, there's raspberry filled cheesecake dipped in chocolate, we have turtle with carmel and pecans, any way you want it, we'll make it."

As you enter the festival, one of the volunteers who helps control the automobile traffic around the festival, is John Stark, Assistant Fire Chief with the Floyd Fire Department, "We've been doing it for over 20 years now in the town and in the past, it's snowed, it's rained, we've seen it all.  But not like this."

Stark says this is by far the best weekend weatherwise he can every remember here in late September,

This festival gets so busy, sometimes people say it can be slow going.

Vito Rizzo of Rome was carrying his 4 month old son Lorenzo in his arms, and didn't mind the slow pace, "It's actually quite easy today, you know, people stay off to the side so you can go down the center of the street.  It's not as bad as everybody says."

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