Hundreds attend Hill & Markes Trade Show at Turning Stone's Event Center


VERONA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A trade show held Friday at the Turning Stone Event Center was like no other held there throughout the year.

Many of those walking from booth to booth were ice cream shop owners, like Mike Mancuso, who owns Tasty Treat in North Utica.

Mancuso says he does a very good business, but he says he is always looking for ways to improve even more.

That's why every year around this time, he attends the Hill and Markes 30th Annual Trade Show at Turning Stone's Event Center.

"I picked up a couple of new things," Mancuso said. "We make our own hard ice cream. They offer some unique toppings here, so we did get some of those too."

Hill and Markes, which has put this trade show on for the last 30 years, was founded in 1906 in Amsterdam, New York.

Originally an ice cream manufacturer, Hill & Markes has since expanded to other business avenues besides ice cream, and now is a distributor of a variety of products.

In its annual trade show, which it moved to Central New York from the Albany area about ten years ago, Hill and Markes invites the makers of many other products.

The Tennant Company out of St. Paul, Minnesota is one such company which sets up a booth each year.

Tennant's New York State Sales Manager, David Bonaquisti says one of the most popular Tennant products he sells at the trade dhow is a flooring machine which uses no chemicals and he says he did sell a few on Friday.

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