Hydrofracking Debate in Clinton


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Right now there is a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in New York State. But that did not stop concerned citizens trying to educate residents about the effects hydrofracking can have on people's water and their health.

Many people gathered Wednesday at the Kirkland Arts Center in Clinton to watch the movie "Gasland" and to discuss the controversial topic of hydrofracking. The meeting was sponsored by the Kirkland Democratic Committee.

The movie "Gasland" is a real life documentary, nominated for an Oscar just this year. The film chronicles interviews with people across the country, adversely affected by natural gas drilling. Many residents came out because while hydrofracking has occurred in many places it could soon becoming to Central New York, and without more research by the Department of Environmental Conservation that's concerning to people like Toshia Hance. Hance is a concerned citizen, who has spent a lot of time researching the toxic effects of hydrofracking. Hance addressed the large group after the film telling NEWSChannel 2, "the biggest misconception with hydrofracking is that it is not going to happen here, that it (hydrofracking) is like conventional drilling, it is all controlled and the government will protect us, there are laws. Well they (gas companies) are above all the laws so there are no government laws to protect us the us citizen. "

If you missed Wednesday nights film and your interested in seeing "Gasland" you can check it out this weekend, Saturday May 14th at the Deansboro Town Hall, then you can decide for yourself how you feel about hydrofracking. Gasland will be also shown at the Deansboro Town Hall on May 21st.

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