Anti-Hydrofracking measure moves forward in county committee

(WKTV) - The hot button issue of hydrofracking takes one step forward on the county level.

The public work's committee voted, Monday, to pass a measure that would support a county-wide moratorium on hydrofracking.

On Wednesday, the measure will go before the ways and means committee and if passed it will go before the full Oneida County Legislature by 2 p.m. on that same day.

Monday's vote received 4 voting against the measure, and 7 voting for the measure.

The measure prohibits any shale gas extraction on county owned lands.

Oneida County Legislator Chad Davis says if the measure is passes on Wednesday that it may serve to help other land owners fight against "Compulsory Integration."

"If 60 percent of a leased area is in favor of fracking the other 40 percent would be forced to follow suit," he said. "We didn't want county lands to tip the balance."

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