Ice Harvest pays tribute to the old days

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - After warm weather canceled the Millers Mills Ice Harvest over the last two years, but Sunday, it returned.

Volunteers from around the area cut 200 lb. blocks of ice out of a small pond using 19th Century tools.

The blocks were then loaded onto horse-drawn sleighs and brought back to the Millers Mills Ice House, where it is stored until spring.

The Harvest pays homage to a time when the ice from the pond was used to preserve food and cool farmer's milk.

In 1941, when electricity came to the Mills, the blocks were then used to make ice cream for a summer time ice cream social.

The Ice Harvest takes place on the 2nd Sunday in February each year, and the locals there say that the tradition has gone back since before they can remember. 


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