Ice jams along Fish Creek force evacuations in Sylvan Beach


SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. (WKTV) - Ice jams along Fish Creek, a tributary of Oneida Lake, has caused flooding in the neighborhood along Waterview Drive.

Water rescue crews have been called to assist in evacuations. Sylvan Beach Second Assistant Fire Chief Rick Johnson confirms to NEWSChannel 2 that his crews evacuated 25 people and numerous pets.

Director of Emergency Services Kevin Revere says that a shelter has been set up for those who left their homes. The shelter is at the Sylvan Beach Village Hall at 808 Marina Drive.

Officials say the water seems to be rising one foot an hour.

Electricity will be turned off in the neighborhood and houses not directly affected by the flooding may also lose power.

The fire department has set up several command posts and places for people to go should they need to evacuate. The Red Cross has also responded to the scene.

Officials denounce the rumors that the fire department will break the ice using dynamite.

Several fire departments responded along with the Oneida County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Environmental Conservation.

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