Ilion/Mohawk Referendum vote tentatively set for February 12th


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) -Upon hearing the news that the merger process for the Ilion and Mohawk School Districts was moving forward, residents showed up to the Board of Education meeting in Mohawk Monday night with some questions and concerns. Some feel the process is moving a little too fast for their taste, others are saying "It's about time."

"We kind of knew things were in the works," said Mohawk resident Maryann Cirillo. "But we're a little shocked that it would move ahead this quickly."

"For me being on that committee for two years it seems like it was slow actually," said Mohawk resident Melissa Burns, member of the Citizen's Advisory Committee. "It's not very fast when you look at it cumulatively and how long it's been talked about."

A tentative date for the referendum vote is set for February 12th. There are a lot of things that need to be done before then. "We've got a feasibility study booklet we've got to finalize," said Interim Superintendent Eugene Beirne. "We have to set dates for at least two community forums, publish the booklet and get our poll watchers and poll workers all in place."

Then the Citizen's Advisory Committee from the last two mergers would look over the booklet before it's ready for the community forums.

Some residents are concerned about the forum attendance- on such short notice. "Those that are concerned will show up those that aren't won't, but I hope more people do show up," said Cirillo. "I hope they will put the dates out and give people enough warning so it's not published today and 3 days down the road is the meeting."

"The numbers have changed, the building capacities have changed but the reason for merging is still the same," said Burns. "I hope it happens this time."

Officials from both districts are meeting tomorrow to discuss possible dates for the community forums.

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