In wake of Heartbleed, make sure to change Internet passwords

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - On a scale from one to 10, cybersecurity experts are calling the Internet bug Heartbleed an 11.

Heartbleed can be used to obtain the login information, passwords and credit card information from about a half million websites.

One of those sites is Turbo Tax, which is of major concern with tax deadline just four days away.

Local cybersecurity expert Tony Martino says as a user your options to protect yourself are limited, because the bug is immune to anti-virus protection.

But he does have some advice:

"Stick to a known, large, well-produced commercial website," said Anthony Martino, the director of the Northeast Cyber Forensics Center. "The second thing you can do right now is change any existing passwords you have. The concern here is that people's user credentials could have been compromised on sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, without those companies even knowing it."

Martino says your passwords should be complex, different for every website and change often.

A partial list of sites that are affected is here.

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