Industries that rely on business from Orion hit by loss of manufacturing plant


ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Seifert Graphics has supplied Orion Bus with designs and decals for the their buses for the last 20 years.

However, now that Orion is closing down production in Oriskany, that is all about to change.

"Thirty percent of our total business is a lot of business to lose all of a sudden and that will disappear this year," said Bob Dunn, COO Seifert Graphics.

Thirty percent equates to approximately $1 million worth of orders per year.

"It's a tough long haul," said Bob Dunn, COO Seifert Graphics. "We have been growing. We have been profitable. We have been hiring people and we hope to continue to hire people, but this certainly slows us down."

After seeing the number or graphic requests from Orion diminish over the last few years because of the decreased number of bus orders, Seifert had an inkling that Orion was struggling. However, Dunn says the company is very disappointed the manufacturing at Orion is leaving the area.

"I guess they must have just decided there is more profitable places to put their money than building busses in Oriskany," said Dunn. "I hope someone comes in here and picks this up. We have great talent here."

Seifert will now be more aggressively marketing their designs to bus companies across the country to make up for the business lost from Orion.

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