Input given on DEC Open Space plan

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Every few years, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has to update what's called an "open space" plan and on Wednesday local sportsmen groups and others gave their input at the DEC Region 6 Office in Lowville.

Those who spoke are interested in maintaining open space for hunting, fishing and snowmobiling and also protecting natural resources.

So if a parcel of land goes up for sale, and meets the guidelines, the DEC can purchase it. Every region is required, by law, to keep an updated plan.

"The purpose of the plan is to think about what kind of areas we want to protect," said Judy Drabicki of the DEC. "We want to protect river plains, we want to protect mountainous areas, we want to protect areas that provide access. The plan itself doesn't identify specific parcels. The plan identifies the kinds of areas we want to protect."

The DEC can only purchase land identified in the open space plan and can only buy from willing sellers.

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