Investigator's wife leads authorities to burglary suspects


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was good timing for state police; bad timing for two burglary suspects who found themselves in the path of a state police investigator's wife, whose husband was on their trail.

"I saw a kid on the front lawn that I knew didn't belong there, so I turned my car around and his buddy was picking him up in a vehicle," said Lisa Svitak, of Marcy. "So, I followed the vehicle until I got the plate and gave the plate to the state police."

Svitak was driving on Irish Road in Marcy recently when she saw the young man.

"He was kind of creeping along the tree line in the front yard and it looked like he was kind of texting and looking around and just kind of sneaking around the front yard," said Svitak.

She knew there'd been a rash of daytime home burglaries in the area recently. The license plate and some legwork lead state police to two brothers - Mark Russitano, 24, and Christopher Russitano, 22, both of Utica.

Police believe the arrest of the brothers will bring the rash of daytime home burglaries in Marcy, Deerfield and Trenton to an end. Proof that you don't necessarily need a gun and a badge to help solve crime.

"If you've lived in your neighborhood long enough, you know who should and shouldn't be around and you know if you see something strange, even if you think it's insignificant, you should call and let them know," said Svitak.

The Russitanos are charged with second-degree burglary, but state police say additional charges will be presented to a grand jury for possible indictment, or, formal charge.

For now, the two are in the Oneida County Jail with $50,000 bail.

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