Jevon Wameling writes letter saying son died in his sleep

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Over the summer, Jevon Wameling said he had no idea what happened to his son, Levon, and pleaded with whomever took the child to return him with no questions asked.

Now, in a letter to the Utica Observer-Dispatch, Wameling says he was scared to death to discover his son died in his sleep. However, he makes no mention of how the 9-month-old ended up in the Mohawk River. Police found the baby's body in the river beneath the Leland Avenue bridge in September, just one day after Jevon Wameling was arrested and questioned on burglary charges.

Wameling's attorney, Rebecca Whitman, says he didn't do himself any favors writing the letter.

"Obviously, corresponding with the media isn't something we would usually recommend as a defense attorney," she said. "But this was done long before I had anything to say about it. The letter certainly doesn't help the public perception."

Jevon Wameling was in Oneida County Court Thursday morning to enter a plea on a drug conspiracy charge. His attorney just became aware of that, and because he also has burglary charges pending, it was adjourned to give her and Wameling more time to consider both. She did enter a not guilty plea on the drug conspiracy charge.

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