John Zogby says "Dead Heat" for Presidential Election

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - International Pollster John Zogby was in WKTV studios Monday night, giving his analysis for Tuesday's Presidential Election for a Canadian Television station. As founder of the Zogby Poll, the Utica native says the latest polls are tied, almost to the tenth of a percent and that who wins, is going to depend on voter turnout.

"Each candidate seems to be doing okay with his own base, 4 percent are undecided. When we had the minor candidates in, the Libertarian candidate actually takes a few votes away from Romney, no surprise, but this time that small vote that the Libertarian gets could loom very very large," said Zogby. "But I'm not going to suggest anything, there's a margin of sampling error and it's just way too close to call."

Zogby says it is going to be a split vote, and the person who takes the popular vote may not win the election.

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