John and Kathy Zogby announce gifts to SUNYIT

By WKTV News

MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Pollster John Zogby and his wife Kathy are both graduates of SUNYIT, and today they have announced they will provide the funding for two SUNYIT scholarships in their family's name.

The announcement was made Monday morning on the Marcy Campus.

One scholarship is a nursing scholarship in the name of Kathy's parents, George and Emily Ertel, because Kathy says her mother always wanted to be a nurse.

The second is a computer science scholarship in honor of 1991 SUNYIT graduate John Bruce who passed away unexpectedly in November.

Bruce worked with John Zogby for 20 years helping build the polling software used at Zogby's company called JZ Analytics.

Kathy Zogby told News Channel 2 after Monday's announcement her husband relied on Bruce's expertise in computer science.

She says Bruce was also known as 'JB', "JB was responsible for developing the system. the whole computer system, so John was very dependent on him for his help and his knowledge, he did a wonderful job, he was always there, he was always on call."

SUNIT president Wolf Yeigh was also onhand at the Zogby's scholarship announcement.

Yeigh told those gathered that he will soon be making some similar announcements of other scholarships for area students.

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