Judge: No recount for Oneida County Sheriff Primary

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Rome Public Safety Commissioner Jim Masucci is disappointed - but not because he was denied a recount in the Oneida County Sheriff's race.

Masucci says the voting process in Oneida County was very poor during the Primary.

Masucci says it is possible that a recount could have swayed the votes, but it wasn't about that.

Both Masucci and David Townsend went before a judge Wednesday to make statements about the election. Masucci claims it wasn't until that moment that he found out the actual results of the race - that took place two weeks ago.

The Oneida County Board of Elections offered no comment Wednesday evening.

Masucci says between polls not being open on time and other factors, he's worried about what November 2 will bring.

"From here on in, if they use the markers like all the training videos say they should, I would feel a lot more comfortable," Masucci said. "It's about the voting process. It's not about Jim Masucci or Dave Townsend."

Masucci is not endorsing anyone at this point. He says his support will come on election day when he casts his vote in the race.

He has wished both Townsend and Rob Maciol luck.

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