Judge reduces bail for Remsen man accused of beating estranged wife

(WKTV) - A judge reduced the bail of a Remsen man accused of beating his estranged wife multiple times from $150,000 to $1,000 on Monday.

Lockwood was in Oneida County and Rome City Court today on multiple charges he allegedly beat his estranged wife. Lockwood faces charges from two alleged incidents, one from October and one in January, when she says he assaulted her in front of their 1-year-old son.

But Monday in Rome City Court, a judge reduced Lockwood's $150,000 bail to $1,000 and he did that based on a letter he received from the prosecution in the case. Lockwood's attorney is confident his client, a state correction officer, will be vindicated.

"All I can tell you is that District Attorney's Office has been working with my office with regard to all the evidence we provided to them which should, hopefully, wholly exonerate Mr. Lockwood that there's any merit to any of these charges or any of the incidents ever took place," George Massoud, Lockwood's attorney said.

Lockwood is not only posting the $1,000 bail, he's being reunited with his son. His lawyer said Lockwood will be going for primary physical custody with supervised visitation for the child's mother. That hearing will be later this week.

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