Judge throws out statement in Cooperstown shooting case

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - A statement made by the teenager accused of shooting a classmate inside the Cooperstown Police Station in April will not be used at trial.

A judge has thrown out a statement that 16 year old Anthony Pacherille made to Sheriff's Investigators while in the hospital the afternoon of the shooting.

Pacherille wrote on a yellow legal pad the statement "I drove around and tried to kill N*****S," according to an Investigator. However, a judge said Pacherille was not read his Miranda rights, and the statement will not be used in the trial.

Pacherille, who is white, was facing hate crime charges for allegedly chasing down classmate Wesley Lippitt, who is black, with a gun, chasing him into the village police station and then shooting him, before shooting himself.

The District Attorney said the move did come as a surprise to be him, and expects to go to trial the first week in February.

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