Jurors see surveillance video of fatal shooting in murder trial


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Jurors in a local murder trial on Tuesday got to see surveillance video of the fatal shooting.

It happened overnight, May 24 into May 25 on James Street in Utica. A group of men can be seen chasing and beating victim Anthony Garner. Then, one can be seen shooting Garner. A brief muzzle flash is visible from the barrel of the gun and then the group scatters.

At the time of the shooting, two Utica police officers were on patrol on Steuben Street, so close, that they heard the gunshots. Tuesday in court, one of the officers testified about running right into defendant Marshall Jackson, while Jackson was running from the scene, still carrying a handgun.

"As I was focused easterly on James Street, I saw a black male come around the corner of M & M Deli and in his right hand he had black handgun," said Officer George DeAngelo.

DeAngelo identified Jackson in court Tuesday as the man who ran into him with the gun the night of the murder. The officer also identified the handgun in evidence in this case as the weapon that was taken into custody by police at the scene.

Jackson's defense attorney questioned the officer about another handgun found at the scene. She also questioned the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on victim Anthony Garner, and found that there were different-sized bullet wounds and bullet fragments found on and in Garner, suggesting more than one shooter.

"I would say at least two different caliber," said Dr. Michael Sikiricka.

Testimony continues Wednesday morning, at which time jurors will hear from a Utica Police Officer who attended high school and played Pop Warner football with the defendant and took a statement from him after the crime.

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