Jury finds restaurant owner guilty of rape


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Isidoro Marra, owner of the Villa Isidoro in Richfield Springs, was found guilty of rape Tuesday in Herkimer County Court.

The jury in the case needed a few hours late Monday, and less than an hour of deliberations Tuesday morning, to come back with the verdict.

Herkimer County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Carpenter said Monday that the rape victim in the case was extremely relieved the case was over. However, Marra's Attorney George Aney believes he can get the verdict reversed in an appellate court.

As the verdict was being read, Isidoro Marra showed very little emotion. However, two people immediately began to cry - the victim, and Marra's daughter.

The restaurant and bed and breakfast owner was convicted of raping a woman who had dinner at his restaurant back in 2009 and then fell asleep later that night on a couch at the bed and breakfast portion of Marra's business after her boyfriend left without her.

The victim claimed that she did not wake up until Marra was allegedly having sex with her. The next morning, she received a ride back to her boyfriend's home from the boyfriend's mother, who works at the bed and breakfast portion of Villa Isidoro. Marra rode with them in the back seat of the car.

Given the allegations against his client, George Aney said Tuesday that he was put behind the eight ball from the start.

"As soon as you bring those four letter words into a courtroom, such as rape or drugs or whatever it may be, any defense lawyer has an uphill battle to fight, just because of the nature of the charge," Aney said.

Assistant District Attorney Jeff Carpenter said he felt the evidence in the case spoke for itself.

"I was confident in the way this case went in," Carpenter said. "I think the victim testified amazingly. I think the DNA evidence was there. I think the case went in as well as it could and I think the jury returned a just verdict in this case."

A forensic scientist testified during the course of the trial that while Marra's DNA was found on the victim, it was not found in her.

At one point after the verdict was read, Isidoro Marra turned around and stared at the victim for about 20 seconds. Marra was then taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs. He was sent to the Herkimer County Jail, without bail.

The 61 year-old Marra will be sentenced May 5 where he faces up to 25 years in prison.

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