Jury gets case in Clayton Whittemore trial

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The jury in the Clayton Whittemore trial received the case Thursday, after closing arguments in Monroe County Court.

The jury has asked to see psychiatric evaluations, but because they were not entered into evidence, they will not be able to see them. The jury also asked to rehear testimony of one prosecution witness, photos of Alexandra Kogut's SUNY Brockport dorm room layout, videos of Whittemore's police interrogation and instruction on the law.

During closing arguments, the defense says a man does not kill a woman he loves without an extreme emotional disturbance, and Whittemore's child abuse led to his destruction and the death of Kogut.

The prosecution said in its closing arguments people who are abused as children do not go on to commit murder and that after Kogut's death, Whittemore was trying to avoid detection, which is not someone with extreme emotional disturbance would do.

The jury will resume deliberations at 9:15 a.m. Friday.

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