Some Utica residents fear "deceitful" Just Energy sales people


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Just Energy is a Buffalo-based company who has door to door sales people currently working in Utica. Some residents those sales people spoke with say they are not buying what their selling.

Marcel Kitissou says two "Just Energy" salespeople knocked on his Ballantyne Brae home and talked with him and his wife for about 20 minutes. Kitissou says the sales people told him they were from National Grid and they wanted to see his monthly electric bill.

"There was one young guy and one young girl," Kitissou said. "The girl was practically silent, but the guy was very pushy."

Kitissou says the sales people wanted him to sign up to join "Just Energy" right on the spot. Most of his neighbors said the same thing.

"They were pushing to have information about our bill," Kitissou said. "They are trying to prove something was wrong with the bill, and we would have a better deal if we sign an agreement with them."

Kitissou says he questioned the legitimacy of the company from the start.

On the company's paperwork to sign up, the very first "Disclosure Statement" reads: "this agreement does not guarantee financial savings."

"My wife checked the pamphlet and told me this is very fishy," Kitissou said. "We are not going to do this."

"Just Energy" is on the Better Business Bureau's website.

The bureau gives "Just Energy" an "F" rating. According to the website, there have been 81 complaints filed against the company, 26 for selling practices.

Calls to "Just Energy" were not returned to NEWSChannel 2.

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