Karate sisters set for international competition

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Two local sisters are heading to Germany to represent their country at the end of the month.

Ena and Tea Lactic are two of numerous U.S. representatives who will participate in and international Karate Competition.

The two have competed internationally for the United States multiple times, and claim that the sport has taught them about self defense, and discipline.

Their favorite part of competing is the adrenaline rush they get while in the moment.

"Before I start I obviously get nervous like a lot of my teammates," said Tea. "but once the ref tells me to get in I honestly start thinking about the point I want to make because it's cool.

"I'm not scared or worried, I am just there to fight."

Ena echoed her sisters sentiment, "There's no feeling like when you go. You can't describe the emotion, adrenaline, and energy when you're going out there with USA flags, you have USA and Germany flags, and all other countries.

"You're fighting for your country, you have to bring home the gold for USA,"

The sisters will leave to go to Germany on January 22nd.

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