Keep your belongings and property safe with a free online system


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oneida County Sheriff's office are bringing to light a free online system used to track and recover stolen items and they are encouraging all resident's to register.

The system allows area residents to record serial numbers, item information and upload images for phones, electronics and other valuables. All Oneida County pawn shops must register all their inventory on the site and the Sheriff's Department posts all their stolen item crime reports. Stolen property from jewelry, sporting equipment, electronics, computers, cameras and other times such as designer clothing have been recovered because of this system. Police have recovered thousands of dollars in stolen property.

If a persons belongings are ever stolen, Oneida County Sheriff, Robert Maciol said this system will come in handy, " Not that this is going to prevent burglary but if a burglary was to occur at someone's house and their personal property was already pre registered with leads online it makes it easier for us to try to recover. If it is out there and floating around in the system we're going to find it."

The site to register your belongings and keep track of stolen valuables can be found at

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