Kirkland Flooding hurting businesses

By WKTV News

KIRKLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - Friday the Department of Environmental Conservation came out to Kirkland to look at a log jam that is causing the Oriskany Creek to spill over. A spokesperson for the D.E.C. says the water is so high they can't take any action right now, but they promise to come back next week. That's a timeline that has left residents discouraged.

The owners of the Oriskany Creek Horse Farm in Kirkland, are feeling the D.E.C. has left them high and dry, but take one look around their business, and you'll see that's not exactly the case. Their backyard and business is slowly drowning from a log jam, in the Oriskany Creek. Becky Czarnocki is the co-owner of the operation and she says the log jam is a nightmare, "It is causing the water to come out of the Oriskany Creek down through our land, and then it heads right through down to Route 5, plus all the other residences are affected along the way."

Without grounds for their horses or a place to grow hay this is log jam, is devastating their livelihood. The water is so high that a bridge riders use at the horse farm is flooded, and the owners of the property say they now find fish in what used to be their back pasture where horses would graze.

Another business up the road is also suffering, Bonomo's Ice Cream Shop along Route 5. Having parts of the road closed off, has also cut off customers."Both ends of the road are shut off and we can go home. Sunny and 50 degrees and we will be doing zero business. Earlier before they closed the road we had probably 15 to 20 people in line for lunch and you can see now there is no one. We are done for the day," says Vinny Bonomo, a co-owner of the shop.

D.E.C. permits are required to clear the jam because of fish in the water, and D.E.C. representatives won't be back to further diagnose the situation, until next week. It is a disheartening time line for some who can only describe this scene in one way, a mess.

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