Kirkland Police need help in search for missing man

KIRKLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - Kirkland Police are looking for the public's help in the search for a missing man.

Police say they were called to 64-year-old John J. Bruce's apartment on Fountain Street in Clinton to check on his welfare, after neighbors had not seen or heard from him.

Officials say he was last seen before Sunday, October 15.

He's described as a man with a stocky build, about 250 pounds, with silver gray hair, a mustache and beard. He's 5'8".

Police say the last known contact anyone had with him was when he spoke with his sister over the telephone on Wednesday, October 10.

Bruce's vehicle was left behind at his residence, according to police. That leads police to believe that he was given a ride from his home.

Authorities say they have check the building and property near his home.

The public's help is requested by Kirkland Police. They say anyone with information, who had contact with him or may have given him a ride are asked to call police at 315-853-2924 or 315-853-3311.

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