Kirkland Town Board says no to hydrofracking

By WKTV News

KIRKLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Town of Kirkland Board passed a one year moratorium on Hydrofracking. There was not an empty seat Wednesday night, as residents spoke out about the controversial issue.

Everyone who spoke was against the practice of natural gas drilling. New Hartford Officials recently passed a six month moratorium on the practice.

Most Clinton residents aren't satisfied. They would like to see a ban put in place. "My concern is that the town may be doing a moratorium but what about the rest of the state? People are already doing hydrofracking in this state and there is a lot of concern about the weakness of our government and within the department of environmental conservation, and whether they are going to have the resources to do a proper environmental strategic assessment that looks at the environmment," says Tom Catterson of Clinton.

Many residents are especially concerned about the possible health side effects of hydrofracking.

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