Knicks' Jeremy Lin visits Hamilton College to watch brother play basketball


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - "Linsanity" spread to Central New York Sunday as Jeremy Lin, a guard for the New York Knicks, made a visit to Hamilton College, where his brother Joseph is a freshman player of the Continental's Basketball team.

The junior Lin is a freshman backup point guard for Hamilton. Their last home game was Sunday, so older brother Jeremy took in the action for himself.

The Continentals beat Bates College on Sunday, 72-62.

At Hamilton, Lin averages about 16.5 minutes of play time and has .406 field goal percentage.

“From a basketball perspective, he’s probably one of our most complete basketball players. He has a great court sense, a great feel. He’s very good at running ball screens. He’s our best passer," said head coach Adam Stockwell in an interview to media outlets.

Both Lins were not available for an interview Sunday.

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