Lake Effect Snow "Comes with the territory" for Camden residents


CAMDEN, N.Y.(WKTV) - The town of Camden and Northwest parts of Oneida County got hit with lake effect snow Tuesday night. Despite temperatures getting down into the single digits many people were out clearing their driveways, trying to get a head start on the morning clean up.

"Trying to do a few inches at a time rather than tomorrow morning doing two feet at a time," said Gary VanRiper.

While other people chose the snow plow or the snow blower, he clears his snow the old fashion way with a shovel in hand.

"It's not bad, get some exercise burn some calories," said VanRiper.

The plows were out too, scraping and salting to keep the roads clear for the brave ones that decide to still go out.

"I bet the roads will be packed with snow," said Alex Farr who was headed to Taberg with friends. "You'll slide a little bit but you can always bring it back."

In weather the locals say comes with the territory.

"If you live here in the Tug Hill you're kind of used to the snow," said VanRiper. "And we're way over due we had a light winter, actually looking a lot like Christmas now just about four weeks late."

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