Lamb and Hanna disagree on handling of Medicare

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Congressional candidate Dan Lamb is calling out current Congressman Richard Hanna on Hanna's home turf.

Lamb, from Tompkins County is running for the 22nd congressional seat against current congressman Richard Hanna. Lamb made two stops in the City of Utica on Thursday, first at Peretta Twin Towers and then at Kennedy Plaza Apartments, where he spoke with senior citizens about the issues that matter most to them.

Medicare was at the top of the list and Lamb accuses Hanna of supporting a voucher program to fix Medicare and the debt crisis.

Hanna says that's not true.

"It will cover about 2/3 leaving seniors having to find a way to come up with $3,000 for health insurance," Lamb said. "This is a radical change to our Medicare system that's been around for 47 years. It serves close to 38 million Americans who depend on this program. It's not the time to play around with this and change it to try and save a couple bucks here and there."

"The problem is, it's become an enormous part of our debt problem and we need to deal with it," Hanna said. "Ignoring it is not the solution. The system that we have will be broke in nine years and I want to be part of the solution. Do I like vouchers? No. I don't think that's something you'll ever see."

Hanna says he hasn't voted to change anything.

The newly formed 22nd congressional district covers all of Oneida County.

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