Last surviving Pearl Harbor veteran from New York Mills unveils memorial


NEW YORK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Stanley Kozien is the last surviving Pearl Harbor veteran from New York Mills. On Veterans Day, he unveiled a memorial and proudly found his name among 13 others.

"You never forget it, you know. It happened and it's always in your mind and your memory. All I've got left is the memories of it. It will never be forgotten," said Kozien.

Fourteen people from the small village of New York Mills were at Pearl Harbor the day it was attacked. The memorial is named after the one who didn't make it home. Edward Bater died on Dec. 7, 1941- the day the Japanese attacked America, killing more than 2,000 servicemen and launching the country into World War II. Over six decades later, on a frigid day, veterans and families gathered to honor Bater and his fellow servicemen.

Kozien's daughter watched her father unveil the memorial with tears in her eyes, revealing the names of six men from the U.S. Army, six from the U.S. Navy and the names of a wife and daughter.

"He's my father and he's done so much for me and my sister. He's just been a wonderful father and I just thank God that he was able to make it out of Pearl Harbor and we just feel so bad for all those boys who didn't make it out. I don't even know what their families are going through," said Patty Worth, daughter of Stanley Kozien.

Of the servicemen honored on the memorial, Kozien said, "I only wish they could be here, but since they're not, I'm glad to represent them."

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