Late February snowfall makes for a rare sight this winter


UTICA N.Y. (WKTV) - Central New Yorkers woke up Saturday morning to something unusual - at least unusual for this year's winter - several inches of fresh snow on the ground.

For the past two months, many people have said they've been grateful for such a mild winter, saying things like 'we just have to get to March and then we're home free, it'll be spring.'

While we may already be close to that deadline on February 25, we are getting one of the only significant snowfalls of the winter thus far.

The snow was a welcome site to the private plowers, because they said it gets them back to work, and it definitely gets the public plow drivers some overtime - something they haven't seem much of this winter.

Even mail carriers have had an easier winter this year than just about any other in the past.

U.S. Postal Carrier Glenn Hurlbut was making his rounds in North Utica Saturday morning, plodding through several inches of snow - something he hasn't had to do on the job for quite a while.

Hurlbut says this has been the easiest winter, work-wise, that he can remember.

"Oh, definitely the easiest," Hurlburt said. "It feels good. Got a little energy after you get home. Makes it a little easier walking a little easier on the legs."

He is saying what many are...

"We're almost through February," he said. "So we almost got it beat."

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