Law enforcement officers receive training on Narcan

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Ninety law enforcement officers from seven counties were trained Wednesday at Mohawk Valley Community College on how to reverse a drug overdose.

The officers learned not only life-saving techniques, they also got the life-saving drug for free. These training sessions are happening all over the state as part of the governor's crackdown on heroin use.

Narcan helps the patient breathe on his on her own. It used to be an injection, but now it gets shot up the nose. On Wednesday, the officers learned how and when to use it.

A representative with the state Division of Criminal Justice Services says administering the drug provides an instant reversal of overdose symptoms.

"Police officers do a lot of different things, we know that," said Michael Wood. "It's a job that requires a lot of different skills and abilities. And one of the things we do, because we are first responders, we have to deal with medical emergencies."

Wood said police are often the first ones on scene to these types of incidents.

Narcan not only stops a heroin overdose, it also can help with overdoses of Oxycodone and other prescription drugs.

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