Lawsuit settled, but Palumbo Longo's family continues fight

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The lawsuit filed by the family of Kristin Palumbo Longo against the city officially came to an end Friday morning in a federal courtroom in Utica.

But Palumbo Longo's family says they are not done with the fight to change the way the city handles police officer offenses.

The city settled the multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by the family for $2 million. Palumbo Longo was stabbed by her estranged husband in the Deerfield home they shared in September 2009. Joseph Longo stabbed himself to death. The murder-suicide left four children without parents.

On Friday, the $2 million settlement was placed on the record in federal court, but is financial only and does not involve any policy changes at the Utica Police Department regarding how they handle officer offenses and mental health issues.

Gina Pearce, Palumbo Longo's sister, says the family is still fighting for that.

"We won't have any sense of closure, however, until the city does adopt an adequate officer-involved domestic violence policy," Pearce said. "And I think it's become clear to us that in order to see that happen, we're going to have to lobby at the state level for something called 'Kristin's Law.' "

The family is making a Facebook page, chronicling that crusade and telling others how they can help. It can be found at


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