Gubernatorial candidate Lazio tours Schuyler wood pellet plant


SCHUYLER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio toured New England Wood Pellet in Schuyler on Wednesday.

Lazio is reaching out to successful businesses across the state, to get a model of innovation and job creation for other businesses to follow.

The former Long Island Congressman says if he wins the election, he'll make his Lieutenant Governor the point man talking to upstate businesses about economic development issues.

"If we can get government off their backs, if we can lower taxes, if we can reduce energy costs, we will employ many more New Yorkers, and that's got to be the name of the game," Lazio said. "Everything we do in state government should be measured, not by if it gets us re-elected, or gets us more popular for the moment, but whether or not it's going to create another job, another opportunity for one our sons or one of our daughters."

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