Legend of the Cardiff Giant continues to intrigue, entertain


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - This Sunday marks the anniversary of the Cardiff Giant discovery 142 years ago in Onondaga County.

"When people come to the museum, especially families with kids, they will run up to the Cardiff Giant and say 'is this real?' and then generally some adult in the group will read the label and find out that it was a fake giant, a hoax," says Erin Richardson, the Director of Collections and the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown.

In 1869, men were digging a well in Cardiff in Onondaga County and uncovered what many thought was a 10-foot tall man. According to the legend, the Cardiff Giant was planted in the ground by an atheist who was trying to prove that the "giants in the Earth" the bible refers to do not exist.

Even all these years later, the Cardiff Giant is an important part of local folklore.

"Well, I have known about the giant for more than 30 years now and I always like to bring people to come and see him because it is amazing what the mind can figure out, and I think he is part of our history here," says Lona Smith, a Cooperstown Resident.

Now, local artist Ty Marshal will unveil a replica of the Cardifff Giant this weekend in Syracuse as part of a re-creation of the events that happened 142 years ago.

"He is creating the giant, burying the giant, uncovering the giant and taking his new giant on a tour very similar to the one the original Cardiff Giant in 1869," says Richardson.

Marshal's replica will be revealed October 16 in Lipe Art Park in Syracuse.

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