Leonard wins by a landslide in Ilion election

By WKTV News

VILLAGE OF ILION, N.Y. (WKTV)-The voters in the Village of Ilion have chosen their new mayor, according to the unofficial results, which won't confirmed until sometime next week.

Democrat Terry Leonard has defeated his republican incumbent Beth Neale.

Leonard won with a whopping 898 votes, while Neale came up short with just 414 votes.

Earlier this year, the village board appointed Neale, to fill the vacancy created when Mayor John Stephens left to become a Herkimer County Legislator.

Leonard spoke about his unofficial victory, and his plans for the future of the village.

"We've got a lot of things ahead of us," he said. "But we need to get our newly elected board organized. We've had a long list of things to do. We're looking at infrastructure in the village, we're looking to start to work with neighboring villages on projects. We're just anxious to get started."

The two trustees who will serve a four year term for the Village of Ilion are Kalman Socolof and Fred Hartmann, both candidates earned more than 700 votes. The challengers were Ted Gage who received 584 and Charles Lester with 508 votes.

Finally Bridget Trevor-Mckinley secured more than 900 votes, and will now serve as a trustee for two years. The republican challenger Larry Gookins received just under 400 votes.

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