Lewis County native diagnosed with cancer writes hundreds of letters on napkins to daughter

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Lewis County native father made a footprint on his daughter's heart by writing notes on napkins. He started when she was in elementary school.

The lessons learned from those napkins got closer to the heart when this father, Garth Callahan was diagnosed with cancer twice, and found out time could be short.

Callahan said there was an implied promise that Emma would always have a hand packed lunch, and in that lunch, he packed a handwritten note on a napkin.

Callahan didn't know if the napkins even made their way out of the lunch, until one day he found the notes snipped out of the napkins, and placed in a composition book.

"A week ago, I was just a dad who was writing notes," Callahan said, on the Today Show Thursday morning in an interview with Matt Lauer.

He said maybe Emma was trying to save a piece of him.

Callahan was diagnosed with kidney cancer when Emma was in sixth grade. Since he found out he's got a more severe form of cancer, he's been busy writing more than 800 notes on napkins so Emma will have one every day of school.

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