Duffy discusses mandate relief and pension reform in Utica

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) - Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy paid a visit to the City of Utica on Thursday to discuss the details of Governor Cuomo's mandate reform proposals.

The Governor plans to reduce the cost local municipalities pay for medicaid and pension programs, saving Oneida County taxpayers 11 million dollars over the next five years.

The Lieutenant Governor was joined by Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente and Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri at a Radisson Hotel-based press conference, where Duffy outlined the details of the plan, which he called, "The Answer to the Cries of Struggling Local Municipalities."

According to Lt. Governor Duffy, New York State will take over 100% of the costs of medicaid growth beginning in 2015, which will come to a total of $9 million in savings over the next five years for Oneida County.

Cuomo's budget also lays the groundwork for a pension reform plan that would save the county $700 million over the next 30 years and which Duffy says has no impact on people that are currently employed

Lieutenant Governor Duffy says both he and the governor, along with local legislators feel that it is important to be fiscally responsible now to protect future generations.

"This is about the future, and the best legacy I think we can all leave is the legacy and in the future for our kids and grandkids, that they have a government and quality of life that they can afford and the current system is not," says Duffy.

The governor's mandate relief proposals will be put into place if the budget passes on April 1.

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