Little Falls woman charged with murder is sentenced to prison on a separate grand larceny charge


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Jennifer Reisel, the 28 year old who is facing a charge of second-degree murder for the death last week of 74 year old Francis Nelson, also of Little Falls, was sentenced Monday morning for using someone else's credit card illegally back in March.

Herkimer County Court Judge Patrick Kirk sentenced Riesel to a minimum of 1 1/3 years, to a maximum of 4 years in state prison on Monday. Riesel pleased guilty in July to the grand larceny charge.

Herkimer County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Carpenter says Riesel used an ex-boyfriend's credit card without his authorization to purchase more minutes on a prepaid cell phone.

Prosecutors had a plea deal worked out, but Carpenter says Riesel's arrest for the murder of Francis Nelson violated the conditions of her release, and thus, Judge Kirk sentenced Riesel to the 1 1/3 to 4 years in state prison.

She is set to serve that time at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Westchester County, but Carpenter says she may not be transferred there until her murder case is settled to avoid the lengthy transportation process back and forth.

Riesel is due to appear in Little Falls City Court on the second degree murder charge on October 17.

On that charge, State Police say Riesel tied Francis Nelson's hands and feet with rope and then ran him over with a car she had borrowed. Riesel told police Francis Nelson was terminally ill and that he offered to pay her $180,000 to end his life.

Police say the two knew each other from the German Maennerchor on East Main Street in Little Falls, where Nelson served as president.

Police say there is no evidence Nelson was sick, but they are awaiting medical test results.

Friends of Nelson's told WKTV they do not believe Nelson was terminally ill.

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