Loan servicing company moving to Utica, aims to create more jobs


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Senator Charles E. Schumer announced that the U.S. Department of Education and Office of Federal Student Aid has awarded MAXIMUS, a loan servicing company, an $848.4 million contract that will move the company to Utica, Thursday.

MAXIMUS will move into a space at the semi-vacant Affiliated Computer Services' Xerox Utica facility, on Bleecker St., and will help administer the defaulted student loan debt program.

Schumer also announced that the move is committed to making the hiring of laid-off Xerox employees for the new public loan processing program, a top priority.

According to the Senator, MAXIMUS is planning to hire roughly 150 locals at first, with more potential hires coming in the future.

"This massive federal contract for MAXIMUS is great news for the company, but more importantly, will provide a major boost for downtown Utica and area workers," Schumer said. "This contract is a welcome sign for local workers and the regional economy, and I'm thrilled to have weighed in for MAXIMUS to do this important work in Utica."

In January 2013, Affiliated Computer Services, a student loan processor owned by Xerox, announced that it would be cutting a significant number of employees on the public loan servicing side of their operation. 

Schumer is optimistic that this new federal contract will help prevent further job losses.

MAXIMUS will officially move into the Utica building in early 2014.

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