Local AIDS advocates saddened by news of Malaysia AIrlines Flight MH17


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Although here are still many questions unanswered about what happened to Malyasia Airlines Flight MH17 on Thursday, one thing  is known, 298 lives were lost, including about 100 who have been working to save lives as AIDS researchers or advocates.
Sadness has fallen over the AIDS advocacy community around the world, including right here at home.
Melissa Swald Camman is Developmental Associate with ACR Health in Utica.  ACR stands for Access Care and Resources for Health, and was formerly called AIDS Community Resources.
Swald Camman says it's a grieving time for anyone that does this kind of work, "Everyone here was devastated.  I know that reading articles online that major players in HIV treatment and prevention are just devastated by this loss."

She adds says some of the greatest minds in AIDS research have been lost and that research may be slowed a bit by this loss of life, "Those were just amazing people that were working with this disease for a long time.  I think no matter how we slice it, the epidemic is going to take a hit." 

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