Local Agency holds "empty seat" protest against federal cuts

By Spencer Davidson

MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local agency that serves small children attempted to show people the impact that federal sequestration cuts have on those children, Thursday.

The Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency held a silent protest in front of their building on Old River Road, in which 80 chairs and cribs sat on the lawn unused.

These empty pieces of furniture represented the 80 children no longer being served by the Agency because of the money they lost to sequestration cuts. The protest was aimed at protecting the children.

"It does focus on low-income families," said Amy Turner, Executive Director of the Agency. "Families that are probably in the most need of this kind of support for their children to give them a better start in school."

Various other agencies also took a stand for this cause, Thursday, with similar demonstrations taking place across the state.

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