Local Girl Scouts help beautify the Utica Zoo

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV)--One local Girl Scout troop is giving back to the community and the Utica Zoo is benefiting from the hard work.  

Girl Scouts from New York Mills, New Hartford and Utica are sprucing up the butterfly exhibit. They are working on the rehab, as part of the bronze award project.

Organizers spent $300 of the group's cookie money to purchase perennials, various plants and bushes, all with the hopes of attracting butterflies for 2015.

"I like helping in the community," said Gianna Labella, a Girl Scout who worked on the project. "Some of my friends from school are in it, basically it's like summer vacation."

Officials with the Utica Zoo say the exhibit used to be enclosed with netting, but it was too expensive to operate.
Both the Zoo and the Girl Scouts are hoping the open-air approach will work just as well.

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