Local Hospital Working on Community Needs Assessment

By Hilary Lane

LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Under federal regulation, all non-for-profit hospitals must conduct Community Health Needs Assessment every three years. LIttle Falls Hospital is working on one now.

The hospital has already met with and will continue its dialogues with local organizations such as the United Way, Catholic Charities, Herkimer County Healthnet and Herkimer County Public Health to discuss ways to improve service.

One area already flagged as problematic is the lack of access to health care in the rural community.

"Many physicians want to go to urban areas because quality of life issues or other issues, including significant others, for their professional opportunities as well," said Mike Ogden, President and CEO, Little Falls Hospital.

Also, hospital representatives say there is a lack of transportation and many residents do not have health insurance.

After the assessment is complete, the hospital will begin to implement new strategies discussed during this process and measure progress in three years.

The final Community Health Needs Assessment must be completed by September 2013.

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