Local Olive Oil plant expanding

ROME, N.Y. - Sovena USA, the largest importer of olive oil in the United States, has expanded its operations again. The manufacturing plant, located in the Griffiss Business and Technology Park in Rome, NY, has increased its warehouse capacity, number of employees, and oil tanks since its move from Utica in August 2007. It has also recently announced plans to expand its factory size.

The upcoming construction project is slated to begin by the end of this year and should be completed by January 2011. The expansion will add 10,700 square feet to the facility which will allow for an increase in oil space storage and will create a larger area for bottle production.

Besides expanding physically in size, the international company has displayed tremendous growth since its move to Rome three years ago. The number of employees has risen from 122 in December 2007 to 161 today and the number of production lines grew from seven to 10. The facility has added 15 oil storage tanks in that time and it also recently redesigned its warehouse space to hold double the amount of pallets for inventory.

“The good news is that our output is continually increasing at such a rate where we need more room,” said Steven Barnes, plant manager at Sovena USA. “The bottom line with this expansion is to help keep up with the fast-paced rate of our production lines. The various steps that we have taken over the past few years have allowed us to increase inventory and our level of hard-working staff, essentially providing better service to all our customers.”

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