Local minister weighs in on same-sex marriage legislation

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) - Same-sex marriage continues to be held up on the hitch of the rights of churches and institutions who want the freedom to refrain from performing such ceremonies.

We talked with a local minister and got his take on the issue of protecting churches from facing descrimination lawsuits.

Reverand J. Barrett Lee, of the First Presbyterian Church in Boonville says he'd be willing to perform same sex marriages.

In the meantime the fight over legalizing gay marriage in New York is getting ugly online.

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan has blogged that he loves gay
people who want to get married but still ardently opposes gay
marriage. He's been one of the targets of cyber abuse. The
vulgarities have prompted the banning of some commenters on the
Catholic church's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos has also closed down the comments on his Facebook page after supporters of gay marriage used vulgarities and posted the home addresses of senators opposed to gay marriage.

Democratic Sen. Diane Savino, who supports gay marriage, also
had an onslaught of offensive postings by opponents.

The question in New York is viewed as a pivotal moment in the
national gay rights movement.

Before the state Senate Republicans can consider the gay
marriage bill, they have a stack of important if more mundane bills
to tackle.

Gay marriage isn't even expected to be a on the agenda today.

Even three days after the legislative session was scheduled to
end, the Senate and Assembly are clogged with bills to debate and

They include a cap on property taxes, a new rent control law for
New York City, and tuition increases for public universities.

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